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Tiredofhurting yourbackand kneesscrubbing thosemoldy tilesand cornersin the bathroom and kitchen?

This amazing tool makes cleaning聽easy, quick and fun.

The PowerScrubber will easily removesoap scums, mold, mildew, or any sort of stainswithno effortor harsh abrasive chemicals.


鈽戯笍FAST AND EASY CLEANING:The PowerScrubber鈩 is engineered to clean three times faster than the old elbow grease.Clean your home in one third of the time and have more time for yourselforto spend with your family and friends.

鈽戯笍LONG EXTENSION HANDLE:The PowerScrubber's Extension Handle willfinally reach all the tall and far areaswithout hurting yourself or needing an extra hand.It's so easy, you can even use it in a wheelchair.

鈽戯笍LIGHT AND EASY TO CARRY:The PowerScrubber鈩 is light and easy to carry so that you canclean it all in one go without hurting by the end of it.

鈽戯笍3 DIFFERENT BRUSH HEADS:This scrubber comes with 3 brush heads designed to fulfillall your cleaning needs in one smart tool. How much clutter will this free up in your cleaning supply closet?

鈽戯笍ELECTRIC AND POWERFUL:Designed to do the hard work for you, the PowerScrubber鈩 makes cleaning with effortless andkeeps your joints, knees and back healthy for longer.

鈽戯笍HIGH ROTATING SPEED:With its high rotating speed you will achieve adeeper and more long-lasting clean, usingless than half the cleaning productsyou would normally use.Less chemicals, better health!

鈽戯笍STRONG BUT GENTLE BRISTLES:A good cleaning tool shouldn't scratch your expensive belongings. The PowerScrubber鈩's bristles are specifically made with this in mind.Get rid of soap scum, mildew and grime without damaging your home.

鈽戯笍MULTIPURPOSE:The PowerScrubber鈩 isn't just for your bathroom and kitchen. Dirty oven? Barbecue full of grease? Car got dirty from rain and mud? Your new scrubber will take care of it!

鈽戯笍WATERPROOF:This waterproof scrubber will keep yousafe from shock, andcleanunder the shower, in the sink, or in the tub withpeace of mind.

鈽戯笍CORDLESS AND RECHARGEABLE:The PowerScrubber鈩 is the cordless solutionto running around switching power outlets. Stop wasting money in expensive equipment you can't even use comfortably!

鈽戯笍60 MINUTES OF BATTERY LIFE:Unlike regular scrubbers, this one comes with a powerful lithium ion battery that will clean at full force for 60 minutes. Because the PowerScrubber鈩 is three times faster than hand cleaning, 60 minutes is more thanenough toclean everything that you need before your friends arrive.

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Charging Time:5 Hours
Work Time:60 Minutes

Maximum length:112cm / 41"
Minimum length:64cm / 25"

Flat Brush Head Diameter:12.5cm / 4.92"
Round Brush Head Diameter:11.5cm / 4.52"
Cone Brush Head Diameter:5.5cm / 2.16"

Package Includes:
1 x Electric Scrubber
1 x AC Adapter
3 x Brush Head
1 x User Manual

30 Day Trial | Love It Or Leave It

You have30 daysto fall in love with your PowerScrubber鈩. Not loving it? Just contact us and we'll organize your full refund. That's how confident we are that you'll love it.

US plug - United States, Canada
UK plug - United Kingdom, Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong,聽Cyrus, Malta
EU plug - Europe with exception of United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyrus and Malta
AU plug - Australia, New Zealand, Argentina

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