Adult LED Stickman Costume

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  • Professional-grade LEDs for the brightest, most durable suit available
  • Full suit with lights and clothing included
  • Controller with 6 flashing/pulsing modes + 6 brightness levels
  • The only true LED suit on the market, no glow sticks or el wire used

    What’s in the box

  • Black hoodie and pants with clear straps that snap to hold LED’s in place and custom pocket for battery on back of hoodie
  • Ultra Bright LED strip sections for legs, torso/arms and head. LED strips are encased in a silicone sleeve for protection against spills and velociraptor spit.
  • Battery box (8 AAs not included) with on/off switch (or purchase optional rechargeable battery packfor longer life)
  • Controller with 6 brightness levels and 6 flashing modes: steady on, fast pulse, pulse, blink, flash, strobe. Optional RF wireless controller available as well
  • Additional connector on head for accessories like LED glasses and ears
  • This LED suit is not like a costume you'd get at a pop-up Halloween store that is cheaply made and barely lasts one night.  Our suits are so well made that they have been worn skydiving in temperatures below -20°F without one problem!  We provide a 6 month warranty on all the electronics and will replace any part that fails under normal use. We hope you like attention, because you're going to get it when you put one of these on! Costumes using dim components like El Wire, Glow Sticks or tiny LED string lights don't even come close to the light output of this costume. The adult costumes are made up of anywhere from 150 to 190 super bright LEDs (depending on clothing size) that will literally light the path in front of you. Don't be left in the dark with costumes offered by big retail stores.

    Costume comes in 2 parts with everything you need.  The clothing with LED attachment straps and the LED light set with battery box and controller.  You just need to get 8 AA batteries or grab one of our rechargeable batteries.  Lights snap onto clothing and you are ready to go.  Battery life with the AA batteries can range from 2-10 hours depending on mode and brightness level.  Steady on at full brightness will drain the batteries fastest.  Most people set brightness to medium as full brightness is really, really bright.  This gives you at least 4-5 hours.

  • Sizing

    Select the same size you would get if buying a men's size hoodie and sweatpants for yourself at your local retailer if you are slim. If you are bigger in the waist (even just a little), it's best to go up a size as the costumes are somewhat slim-fitting. We suggest measuring a sweatshirt and sweatpants that fit you well and comparing those measurements to our size chart. If you can't decide between 2 sizes, go up a size.  They tend to run a bit small. 

  • In addition, we also provide LED light cables. You can bind the light cable to your own clothes according to your own ideas. If you are interested, you can click here:

    The total length of the light cord is 5.8 meters, the length of the top light cord is 4 meters, and the length of the trouser light cord is 1.8 meters. The switch between the top and the pants is independent, you can design what you want according to your own ideas

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